Laundry Service

5 Days A Week (Closed On Wednesday’s And Sunday’s)


Please Make Sure Washing Brought Down To Us Is In A Bag-Including Duvets/Throws/Sleeping bags etc…

We Can Provide A Wash, Dry And Fold Service For All Washing.

We Can Provide A Wash, Dry And Iron Service For Bedding (No Clothing).

We Can Provide A Same Day Service Wash (In Before 12pm-Depending On How Busy We Are).

We Can Provide A 2 Working Day Turnaround For Ironing (In Before 2pm-Depending On How Busy We Are).

We Require Payment Upfront For All Single Items Such As Duvets/Throws/Sleeping Bags Etc…

Please Make Sure All Items Are Suitable For A High Spin Wash And Tumble Dry.

Please Make Sure You Have Read Our Terms And Conditions Before Using Our Service.

Any Washing Left Longer Than 1 Month Will Be Disposed Of (We Will Assume It Has Been Abandoned).